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Big Ten Network(BTN) on DIRECTV

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The Big Ten Network, commonly referred to as BTN, is a television network dedicated to Big Ten Conference sports. Launched in 2007, BTN offers unprecedented coverage of Big Ten collegiate athletic events from all fourteen conference universities. Not only does it broadcast live Big Ten games and other educational, cultural, and scientific programming throughout the year, but it also produces exclusive Big Ten coverage for fans, offering interviews with coaches and players, studio programs featuring prominent Big Ten personalities, and analysis of the most up-to-date Big Ten news. With its outstanding programming that celebrates and highlights the Big Ten’s competitive athletics programs, BTN is an indispensable part of the Big Ten fan experience.

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What Channel is Big Ten Network on DirecTV?

The Big Ten Network (BTN) is available on 610 on Directv.

This helpful channel keeps Big Ten sports fans up-to-date on all the best teams, games, news, and analysis associated with Big Ten colleges and universities. With BTN, viewers get a full schedule of Big Ten sports every season, including football, soccer, and basketball. Plus given exclusive Big Ten events like Big Ten Tailgate and Big Ten Elite make BTN a great way to keep up with Big Ten Athletics! So don’t miss out on the action - tune in to Big Ten Network on channel 610 if you have DirecTV.

Accessing BTN with DirecTV Now

If you have subscribed to the DirecTV streaming service, then accessing BTN is as easy as downloading the app and logging in. You can watch live games and shows directly from your phone, laptop, or TV device with ease. All it takes is an internet connection and you can watch your favorite sports in no time! Even better, there are no contracts required – so if you don’t plan to use it often, you won’t be stuck paying for something that isn’t useful to you.

Big Ten Network Programming on DIRECTV

Big Ten Network has something for everyone! Enjoy an incredible selection of football, men's basketball, women’s basketball, and Olympic sports games. Plus tune in to watch original programming such as B1G Live, The Journey, or Big Ten Elite—an Emmy-nominated series that tells the stories behind some of college athletics' greatest moments.

Big Ten Network+ on DIRECTV

Get exclusive access to the Big Ten Conference with Big Ten Network+! You can watch hundreds of events in real-time, anytime. Enjoy watching highlights, original programming, and press conferences from 28 men's and women's sports across all 14 schools within the conference—plus additional coverage like postseason tournaments. Also, take advantage of unique opportunities offered through Student U where select games are televised on delay - giving you a chance to get involved while gaining valuable TV experience!

Popular TV shows on the Big Ten Network

B1G Live

B1G Live TV Show is a captivating and dynamic program that has become a household name in the world of entertainment. With its unique format and engaging content, this show has successfully captured the attention of millions of viewers across the globe. The program features a diverse range of topics, from current events and celebrity interviews to music performances and comedy sketches. The fast-paced nature of the show keeps viewers hooked from start to finish, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking exciting and top-notch entertainment. With its 100th episode just around the corner, B1G Live TV Show promises to deliver an unforgettable celebration filled with surprises and special guests. Don't miss out on this milestone event as the show continues to solidify its status as a premier televised extravaganza.


BTN LiveBIG is an innovative TV show that captivates viewers with its mission of highlighting inspiring stories from the Big Ten Conference. In each episode, the show shines a spotlight on the impactful work being done by universities, students, and faculty in areas such as community service, research, and academic excellence. "BTN LiveBIG" celebrates the positive influence these individuals and institutions have on their communities, fostering a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility. With its engaging storytelling and captivating visuals, this show has become a beloved platform for showcasing the Big Ten's commitment to making a difference in the world.

Campus Eats

Campus Eats is a dynamic and engaging TV show that brings viewers on a tantalizing culinary journey across various campuses around the country. With each episode running for a crisp 30 minutes, this show manages to capture the vibrant food scene that exists within college campuses in a concise yet comprehensive manner. From mouthwatering food trucks to cozy cafes and elegant dining halls, Campus Eats explores the diverse array of culinary options available to students. With its visually appealing and well-produced episodes, this show provides a delightful blend of gastronomy, culture, and campus life. Whether you're a student or simply a food enthusiast, Campus Eats serves up an appetizing exploration of the unique and delectable campus dining experiences found across the nation.

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Finding the Big Ten Network on DirecTV is easier than ever! Whether you are subscribed through streaming services like DirecTV Now or through a satellite subscription, getting access to all of your favorite college sporting events has never been simpler. Additionally, many cable providers offer packages that include BTN – so if none of these options work for you then make sure to contact them directly for more information about their offerings. With just a few clicks or calls away – finding the Big Ten Network has never been easier!

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