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What Channel is MTV on Dish?

Watch MTV Live HD on Dish Network Channel 160

What is MTV?

Dish Network is one of the television providers that offers MTV as part of its programming lineup. With Dish, viewers can enjoy all their favorite MTV shows and movies anytime they want. Whether you're looking for music videos, reality TV, or the latest movies, MTV on Dish has something for everyone. Plus, with the latest technology from DISH Network, you can watch your favorite shows on any device and even record them to watch later. Get ready to experience the best of MTV with DISH!

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What channel is MTV on Dish?

MTV Classic is available on DISH on channel 163. If you're currently a Dish subscriber, chances are you're utilizing their vast lineup of channels. However, it can become very tedious trying to locate the specific channel you desire. Despite some individuals turning to Google for assistance, we'd like to alleviate this issue by presenting the accurate channel numbers for your convenience. The chart below showcases all MTV channels that are available on Dish Network.

Channel Name Channel Number
MTV2 161
MTV Live 369
MTV Classic 163

How to get MTV on Dish Network?

To get MTV on Dish Network, interested customers can find the network on channel number 163. Dish Network offers customers a range of subscription packages to choose from, with MTV being available in the Enhanced, Elite, and Elite Super Pack, priced at $29.99, $34.99, and $49.99 per month, respectively. Customers can tune into MTV Classic on channel 163 and MTV LIVE on channel 369, which offer a mix of music videos and special programming. Dish Network users should contact their service provider for any technical issues they may encounter while accessing MTV on the platform. Overall, interested viewers looking for youthful and entertainment-themed content can add MTV to their Dish Network subscription package.

Subscription of Dish Network

Dish Network Plan Package Price MTV Availability Subscribe
America's Top 120 $84.99/mo. Yes Call To Order
America's Top 120 Plus $99.99/mo. Yes Call To Order
America's Top 200 $104.99/mo. Yes Call To Order
America's Top 250 $114.99/mo. Yes Call To Order

Most Popular Show on MTV

Siesta Kay

Siesta Kay is a highly acclaimed TV show that has been entertaining audiences for over a decade. It follows the story of Kay, a young woman from the fictional town of Siesta Key, Florida who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The show is full of heartwarming moments and humorous situations as Kay navigates her way through life's challenges. With its unique blend of drama, comedy, and romance, Siesta Key is sure to leave viewers feeling inspired and entertained.

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Floribama Shore

Floribama Shore is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV in 2017. The show follows eight young adults as they spend their summer vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida. The show has become a huge hit among viewers, especially young adults. It has been praised for its portrayal of the lives of young people and their struggles as they try to make it in the world. Floribama Shore also offers a unique look at the culture and lifestyle of people living in the coastal town. The show has been a success for MTV and has received positive reviews from critics. It is one of the most popular shows on MTV and continues to entertain viewers with its unique blend of drama, comedy, and real-life situations.

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Deliciousness is a new television show that takes food to the next level. The show features celebrity chefs, passionate home cooks, and food industry professionals who come together to create delicious dishes and share their tips and tricks. From classic comfort foods to innovative culinary creations, Deliciousness promises to be a mouthwatering experience for viewers of all ages. With an array of exciting challenges, inspiring stories, and mouthwatering recipes, this show is sure to be a hit with foodies everywhere!


Looking for MTV on Dish? You've come to the right place. From music videos to reality shows, MTV has something for everyone. So whether you're a fan of classic rock or cutting-edge rap, there's something for you on Dish!

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