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What Channel is Ohio State Game
on Dish Network

Watch Ohio State Football Big Ten Network

If you're an Ohio State Buckeyes fan and a Dish Network subscriber, you've probably found yourself wondering, "What channel is Ohio State game on Dish Network?" This question can be a bit frustrating, especially when game day is fast approaching, and you don't want to miss any of the thrilling action. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you never miss a single Ohio State game broadcast on Dish Network.

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Finding Your Ohio State Game Channel

To catch the Ohio State games on Dish Network, you need to know the channel number. This is essential information for any Buckeyes enthusiast. Below, we provide a list of channels dedicated to Ohio State games:

Channel Number
ESPN 140/144
ESPN2 143
CBS Sports 158
SEC Network 404/408
Fox Sports 150
Big Ten Network 410

These channels ensure you're always in the loop when it comes to Ohio State games.

Dish Network Channel Lineup

To locate the channel for Ohio State games, you first need to be aware of your local Dish Network channel lineup. Dish Network offers various packages, and channel numbers can vary by location. To find the specific channel number for Ohio State games in your area, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Dish Network Guide: Use your remote control to access the Dish Network electronic program guide (EPG).

  2. Search for Ohio State Games: Navigate through the EPG by using the arrow keys on your remote. Look for any mention of Ohio State games or college football broadcasts.

  3. Check the Sports Section: Often, college football games are categorized under the sports section. Browse through this section to find the listings for Ohio State games.

  4. Use the Search Function: If you can't locate the game easily, use the search function on your Dish Network receiver. Simply type in "Ohio State football" or the specific game you're interested in, and the system should direct you to the channel airing the game.

Remember to check your local listings and the Dish Network website for the most up-to-date information on channel numbers.

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FAQs about Ohio State Games on Dish Network

What is the channel for Ohio State games on Dish Network?

The channel for Ohio State games on Dish Network varies by location and package. To find the specific channel number for your area, consult your local Dish Network channel lineup or use the search function on your receiver.

Can I watch Ohio State games on Dish Network without a sports package?

In some cases, Ohio State games may be available on channels included in basic Dish Network packages. However, for comprehensive coverage, especially of away games and big matchups, consider subscribing to a sports package, which typically includes channels dedicated to college football.

Do I need an HD receiver to watch Ohio State games in high definition?

Yes, to enjoy Ohio State games in high definition (HD), you will need an HD receiver from Dish Network. Additionally, make sure you have an HD television to fully appreciate the crisp and clear visuals.

What if the game is blacked out in my area?

Blackouts can occur for various reasons, such as contractual agreements or insufficient demand. If an Ohio State game is blacked out in your area, you may consider streaming options or checking if the game is available on a different channel or network.

Are there any special packages for Ohio State fans?

While Dish Network may not offer specific packages exclusively for Ohio State fans, you can customize your channel lineup by adding sports packages or channels that regularly broadcast college football games.

Can I record Ohio State games on Dish Network?

Yes, Dish Network provides DVR (Digital Video Recorder) capabilities, allowing you to record Ohio State games and watch them at your convenience.


Finding the channel for Ohio State games on Dish Network is crucial for Buckeyes fans who want to stay connected with their favorite team. By following the steps mentioned above and checking your local listings, you can ensure that you never miss a moment of Ohio State football action. Whether you're cheering from your living room or hosting a game-day gathering, Dish Network has you covered.

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