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DISH Network Channel Guide -2022

The DISH Network channel guide provides the best way to choose a TV package that will work for you and your family. With hundreds of DISH Network Channel Lineup available, we’re sure there is something on our service just waiting to be discovered! And with plans starting as low at $14 per month (plus taxes), it's easy enough - go ahead: find what fits YOU perfectly today by checking out all these great options right here.

Compare DISH Network Packages

Wondering which TV plan is right for you? Let this DISH Network channel guide help! If variety fascinates and charms, America’s Top 120 Plus or 200 might be perfect. BeIN Sports fans will love the selection of channels available with ESPN+, FOXSports1and FS2- plus there's no need to worry about data overages since they come at an affordable rate!

Choose a Great Channel Lineup

The DISH family of TV packages is the perfect way to watch your favorite channels, plus add ons with even more sports and movies. With over 320 possibilities for you, there's a package that'll fit any need! Choose from basic service starting at $14 per month; all-inclusive Elite Series plans which includes premium programming such as SHOWTIME or STARZ for free along side many other features - including DVR capability so everyone in the house can enjoy their own favorites simultaneously without interrupting anyone else’s show time ;or going up higher still by upgrading two supervisor grades.

Movie Channels on DISH Network

The DISH Movie Pack is a great way to get premium movies, TV shows and more without having any commercials. There are over 50 channels included in this pack including Starz EPIX . With three months free on SHOWTIME or an extra charge of only $6 per month for other services you can enjoy your favorite show every day!

DISH Movie Pack ($10/mo.)

Sports Channels on DISH Network

DISH brings you the best of sports and entertainment with America’s Top 250, which includes all your favorite teams. Watch action from field to court with four ESPN channels - networks for baseball (MLB), football(NFL) basketball & hockey too! And if it's college events you crave-Longhorn Network comes right up next on this package as well at no extra cost!. You also get access top Regional Sports Networks like Rooter maximalist Channel 120 Plus.

Multi-Sport Pack* ($13/mo.)

Local Channels

DISH has a wide selection of channels to choose from and includes all the basics with America’s Top plans. You can watch primetime TV, local news coverage that is updated daily for events happening around your area or state as well classic reruns at no extra cost!

Premium Channels

Get access to delicious channels with the latest movie releases and hit TV shows for 3 months* on DISH Network channel. This premium channel pack includes 25+ exclusive stations from STARZ, Epix ,SHOWTIME . Watch your favorite show in perfect HD right at home theater quality!

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