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What Channel is AHC on DISH Network?

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American Heroes Channel (AHC) keeps American heroes in the spotlight. AHC offers original series, documentaries, and award-winning films featuring American heroes from military history, native American culture, and American politics. The channel's mission is to honor and celebrate American courage, sacrifice, and heroism. With riveting storytelling, insightful interviews, rare archival footage, and stirring music scores, AHC brings American heroes to life with programming that is both entertaining and informative. From World War II documentaries to films on revolutionaries like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman to specials on American politicians like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; AHC stands out as a leader in exploring the faces of courage and inspiring dedication that represent what it means to be an American hero.

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What Channel is AHC on DISH Network?

American Heroes Channel on DISH Network - Channel 195. American Heroes Channel (AHC) is available for DISH Network subscribers as part of America's TOP 250 package, giving viewers access to an array of quality programming with a focus on American history, episodes exploring American heroes in real life and on-screen, and fascinating stories that reflect American military triumphs. With eight dedicated Discovery networks already available to American viewers, AHC brings even more quality television content to televisions across the nation. Those looking to watch American Heroes are on DISH channel 195 – allowing them to watch documentaries showcasing World War II strategy, western battles, epic tales of courage and honor during wartime, science fiction series centering around American history, and more!

Popular AHC Channel Shows

War Stories

War Stories brings you the gritty reality of true American heroism. From courageous Active-Duty military personnel to unsung civilian heroes, viewers are presented with inspiring first-hand accounts from those who have made extraordinary sacrifices for the protection and security of our nation. Tune in on the AHC Channel Schedule every week as Warrior stories celebrate their bravery and courage!

American Lawmen

American Lawmen uncovers the brave individuals who ensured justice was served during tumultuous times. Listen to stories of those who enforced order, even when chaos threatened society and put their own safety at risk. From clashes with dangerous criminals to a daring mission to protect one of our nation's biggest icons, this show highlights true accounts from treacherous moments in history - showing how courage can become triumphant no matter the odds!

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America: Facts vs. Fiction

Hosted by a former naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler, "America: Facts vs. Fiction" is an engaging look at our nation's history that delves beneath the surface of myths and legends to uncover forgotten truths about legendary figures like Paul Revere! Through his mission to fill in holes amongst our half-truths, you may be surprised at what turns up; for instance - contrary to popular belief - it wasn't a galloping Revere that warned citizens of impending war but rather he rode with great caution shouting silently into homes instead. This exciting series on TBS not only brings life back into American History but also stars Kaler well known for his role as Mike Callahan in 'My Boys.'

World War II in color

The American Heroes Channel has recently released a brand new series entitled World War II in Colour. This ten-part documentary provides an entirely new perspective on the famous conflict, as it highlights some of the most iconic moments of the war in glorious HD color. In addition to breathtaking HD visuals, this series also features newly discovered footage from archives across Europe that have never before been seen, as well as compelling interviews with veterans and historians who provide valuable insight into life during wartime. World War II in Colour is a must-see for fans of history, giving viewers an unparalleled look at one of the most significant events in human history.

Blood and Fury: America's Civil War

Blood and Fury: America's Civil War tells a story of two conflicting sides driven to extremes by their differences in opinion. This 4-hour documentary dives into the past to explore how slavery ignited the passion between both sides, creating an emotional battle that involved the death of hundreds of thousands on both fronts. Blood and Fury takes us back in time with detailed accounts from historians and first-hand accounts from those who lived through it, giving viewers a look at the causes that scarred American history. Through its comprehensive review, Blood and Fury offers an insightful approach to understanding one of the most turbulent periods in American history.

In Conclusion

DISH Network satellite TV subscribers can find the American Heroes Channel on channel number 195. AHC provides viewers with fascinating stories of people who have made a significant impact in the world and fought for justice, freedom, and equality. If you're interested in learning more about America's history and the heroic individuals who have shaped it, be sure to tune in to American Heroes Channel on DISH Network.

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What is the AHC channel on DISH?

American Heroes Channel is on DISH channel 195!

Is AHC available on DISH?

Yes, American Heroes Channel (AHC) is available for DISH Network subscribers as part of America's TOP 250 package.

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