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What Channel is STARZ on Dish Network?

Watch STARZ on Dish Network Now!

DISH STARZ Movie Package is the perfect destination for all entertainment fans! Their extensive catalog of dramas, animes, TV classics, and kids’ shows offers something for every viewer. With a DISH subscription, you can enjoy all of this high-quality entertainment on demand and with stunning HD clarity. Plus, you won’t break the bank – DISH's low monthly fee of just $10 lets you access it all. Don't miss out - upgrade your viewing experience with DISH STARZ today!

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What Channel is STARZ on Dish?

STARZ is available on Dish Network as part of the DISH STARZ Movie Package, which includes several STARZ channels in HD. STARZ is a premium television network that offers access to hundreds of Hollywood movies, as well as STARZ Originals, series, and documentaries. With this package, customers can tune in to STARZ on channel 375 or 835 (HD) from their Dish satellite receiver. Watching STARZ on your Dish subscription is easy and convenient - all you have to do is look up the channel guide and start streaming some of the best entertainment available. Get your Dish STARZ package now and enjoy being entertained with the best selection of movies and shows.

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DISH STARZ Movie Package Channels:


channel 350 HD


Starz Encore

channel 340 HD

Starz Encore

Starz West

channel 351 HD

Starz West

Starz Cinema

channel 353 HD

Starz Cinema

Starz in Black

channel 355 HD

Starz in Black

Starz Edge

channel 352 HD

Starz Edge

Starz Comedy

channel 340 HD

Starz Comedy

Starz Kids and Family

channel 354 HD

Starz Kids and Family

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Take STARZ with You

Take STARZ with you using the STARZ app! Start by downloading the app for iOS, Android, or Fire TV and log in to watch STARZ on your TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet. New movies and original series are added every week for endless entertainment. There’s no additional cost to use the STARZ app; it comes with your STARZ Movie Pack subscription.

Watch STARZ Original Series

Watch popular TV shows you can only find on STARZ with the STARZ Movie Pack from DISH! TV shows like Power, Hatfields & McCoys, Survivor’s Remorse, Outlander, and American Gods can only be found on STARZ. Plus, enjoy movies and more on STARZ Encore, Cinema, Comedy, and Kids & Family.

Popular TV and Movies with STARZ on DISH

With the STARZ Movie Pack on DISH Network, you can enjoy popular movies and exhilarating original series that everyone in your family will love. Add classic TV shows, comely kids' favorites, and intense original series to your home entertainment setup for just $10/per month. With the STARZ app and DISH Anywhere, you’ll be able to watch much-anticipated series such as American Gods, Survivor’s Remorse, and Super Mario 3 anytime and from any location! Enjoy diverse titles now with STARZ on DISH.

American Gods

American Gods, a TV series based on the popular Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, follows American ex-convict Shadow Moon who finds himself entangled in a mystical battle between old and new gods. After he was released from prison, Shadow Moon became the bodyguard/driver of Mr. Wednesday, a wily old deity involving himself in a brewing war between traditional supernatural entities and modern concepts like technology and media. Along their intriguing journey, Shadow and Wednesday meet dozens of other American gods whose existence has been forgotten or ignored by society. American Gods explore themes of belief with great nuance, taking viewers through its renditions of exciting and heart-warming American folklore in each episode.

Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaison is an 18th-century French novel written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, first published in 1782. The novel tells the story of the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont, two former lovers who become embroiled in a complex web of seduction and revenge. Through their dangerous liaisons, they attempt to manipulate the people around them, proving that with power can come corruption and destruction. Dangerous Liaison is a timeless masterpiece that serves to remind us of the potential risks associated with political mismanagement and making wrong choices. It also serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of being too immersed in one’s power and influence, as not even its main characters can emerge unscathed from their potentially disastrous liaisons.


Blindspotting is an award-winning 2018 film directed by Carlos López Estrada. This movie tackles hard topics, such as racism and gentrification, while also exploring themes of identity, displacement, and the pursuit of justice. Blindspotting stars Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, two childhood friends who have grown up in Oakland with tumultuous backgrounds. The story follows their journeys of self-discovery as they navigate through dangerous situations in their rapidly changing neighborhood. Blindspotting has been met with critical acclaim due to its honest portrayal of both the good and bad that can come out of society's struggles, challenging viewers to see the world from a different perspective.


Outlander's sixth season is full of drama and tension as Claire and Jamie struggle to keep the people they love safe. Set in colonial America, they must learn to maneuver within a new world where everything is uncertain. From politics to family struggles, their commitment to each other faces many tests as they try to reach their ultimate goal of ensuring peace and stability for their loved ones. With constant danger looming, Outlander's sixth season promises viewers a compelling ride full of surprises.


STARZ has certainly earned its spot amongst the premium viewing channels, as its range of TV series and selection of content is widely popular. With the STARZ app, you can watch your favorite shows with only a few taps and swipes on your Android or iOS device. So, if you're looking for a plethora of variety to add to your evenings, STARZ could be the answer.

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What is the cost of a Starz subscription on Dish?

STARZ for just $10 per month!

Are there animation shows on Starz?

Yes, available on Starz kids.

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