How do i contact viasat customer service?

  • Posted on: 25 May 2024
    How do i contact viasat customer service?

  • How do I talk to a live person at Viasat customer service?


    This paper focuses on the company called Viasat which is a communications firm that offers satellite internet to consumers and companies within the United States. In this article, will tell you in detail how to contact Viasat’s customer service if you are its client.

    Contact Viasat customer service by phone

    Thus, the quickest way of getting through to Viasat is through phone calls means of communication. Viasat has two main customer service phone numbers:Viasat has two main customer service phone numbers:

    Residential customers

    For Viasat internet service, if you are a residential customer then dial 1-844-778-1116 or you can also go through the website. There is also prompt customer service for the residential customers since Viasat customer service is available 24/7.

    Some common reasons residential customers call Viasat customer service include:Some common reasons residential customers call Viasat customer service include:

    - Ongoing questions regarding your bill or account

    - Some of the common problems that people experience in regards to internet connectivity include the following;

    - Consequent on this, queries concerning hardware, equipment, or installation

    - Changes in the Viasat service plans, including moving to a higher tier or a lower one

    Business customers

    If you are a current Viasat business customer, then you can reach business customer service through the phone number 1-855-220-7131. Support is available 24/7.

    Business customers may need to contact Viasat customer service to:Business customers may need to contact Viasat customer service to:

    - Decide on business internet plans and prices

    - New installation requires assistance for the purchase of the necessary hardware.

    - Address issues related to slow or unreliable internet connection

    - Seek information more on equipment leasing or equipment buying

    Chat with Viasat customer service

    Besides that, the customers have the opportunity to speak with the Viasat representative in the chat or call the customer support line directly. To start a live chat session:To start a live chat session:

    On a desktop

    On Viasat’s website, if you are accessing from a desktop or a laptop, there is a chat button located at the lower right part of the interface. Press the button that looks like two people speaking and you will be connected with the following available Viasat customer service agent.

    On mobile

    If you use your smartphone to access the internet, visit the Viasat website using the URL provided in your browser. Next to it, find the three horizontal lines located in the upper right part of the screen: click on them, then find the ‘Chat with us’ option and click on it to start communicating with an agent.

    The use of the live chat feature makes it possible for many of the customer service related questions to be answered without having to even dial Viasat and wait for a response. However, there are still some issues, which are of a more complicated nature, and for which there is no possibility to turn to the live chat option, but have to call customer service.

    Contact Viasat customer service by email

    Use the following address to contact Viasat’s customer service through emailing: To email Viasat customer service:To email Viasat customer service:

    Residential customers

    For your information, please visit or send your message to Please do not reply to this email as it is generated by a system, instead, a Viasat representative will get in touch with you.

    Business customers

    The customers who have business accounts with Viasat can send their sales, account or even the technical support inquiries to

    Compared to the other methods of communication, emailing the Viasat customer support service is also not as fast as calling or even live chatting, but if your problem is not very urgent, then it could work for you. Another advantage is that you can describe your question or the problem in writing in detail, it is not necessary to be available for a call.

    Connect with Viasat on social media

    Viasat addresses clients on social media platforms; it has accounts on the popular social networks Facebook and Twitter. While they don’t offer direct customer service assistance via social media, connecting with their social profiles is useful for:While they don’t offer direct customer service assistance via social media, connecting with their social profiles is useful for:

    - How to get the Viasat news and updates- Having learned about the new promotion and deals

    - Seeing product announcements

    - The following are some ways in which organizations can provide public feedback about their services:

    Therefore, the process of following and engaging with Viasat on the various platforms can help in the management of constructive, though unrelated, dialogues. The company has social media presence by using Facebook with @ViasatInternet or Twitter with @Viasat.

    Stop by a Viasat retail store

    In some areas, Viasat has outlets which are retail selling shops whereby customers experiencing Viasat problems can access services from Viasat salespersons and technicians. If you are near any retail store then you can go there whenever you need help or assistance. Some examples of how a retail store can assist include:Some examples of how a retail store can assist include:

    - Some of the new service sign-up and registration include

    - Pick up or drop off equipments or swap

    - Billing questions

    - Technical problem solving and assistances

    - Substituting or modifying your service

    To know the nearest store that sells Viasat products, you can visit the Viasat Stores link on the internet by typing


    Viasat provides support and services for the customers through contact number, email, live chat, social platforms and retail outlet. Hence, no matter if you like to call, write or even directly seek personal assistance in an individualized and face-to-face manner, there are ways to contact employees at Viasat and receive the necessary support with your problems and questions concerning the company.

    Recap of ways to contact Viasat customer service:

     - Call 1-(844) 778-1116 (business)

     - Initiate live chat session on their website

    - Follow their accounts on social media

    - One of the ways of accessing a Viasat Retailer is to go to any of the satellite offices in your region.



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