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Manage your service with the My Viasat mobile app

  • Posted on: 29 Sep 2023
    Manage your service with the My Viasat mobile app

  • In the age of technology, convenience is king. We want everything at our fingertips, easily accessible and manageable with just a few taps on our smartphones. Viasat understands this need and has developed the My Viasat mobile app to help you manage your satellite internet and other services with ease. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of the My Viasat app, providing a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of it. Whether you're a long-time Viasat customer or considering their services, this app is a valuable tool for enhancing your internet experience.

    What is the My Viasat Mobile App?

    The My Viasat mobile app is a user-friendly application designed for Viasat customers to easily manage their satellite internet and related services. It provides a range of tools and features that allow you to take control of your internet experience from the palm of your hand. From checking your data usage to troubleshooting common issues, this app has you covered.

    Key Features of the My Viasat App

    Account Management

    With the My Viasat app, you can conveniently view and manage your account information. Check your monthly bills, update your payment methods, and even change your service plan with a few simple taps.

    Data Usage Monitoring

    Data caps are a reality for many satellite internet users. The app enables you to monitor your data usage in real-time, ensuring you stay within your plan and avoid overage charges.

    Bill Payment

    Say goodbye to the hassle of paper bills and checks. The app provides a secure and efficient way to pay your bills online. Set up automatic payments or make one-time payments with ease.

    Technical Support

    Experiencing connectivity issues? The app offers quick access to troubleshooting guides and support resources. You can also contact Viasat's customer support directly through the app for personalized assistance.

    Service Plan Management

    Easily upgrade or downgrade your service plan based on your needs. The app provides detailed information on available plans and their pricing, helping you make informed decisions.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Need a technician to visit your location for maintenance or installation? The app allows you to schedule service appointments at your convenience.

    Equipment Status

    Stay informed about the status of your satellite dish and modem. Receive notifications if there are any issues that need your attention.

    Outage Notifications

    In case of service outages or maintenance in your area, the app can alert you to the situation, keeping you in the loop and reducing uncertainty.

    How to Get Started

    Getting started with the My Viasat app is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to take full advantage of its features:

    Download the App

    Search for "My Viasat" in your device's app store, whether you're using an iOS or Android device. Download and install the app like you would with any other application.

    Log In or Register

    If you're already a Viasat customer, you can log in using your existing Viasat account credentials. If you're new to Viasat, you'll need to register an account. This process typically requires providing your account number, ZIP code, and email address.

    Explore the App

    Once you're logged in, take a moment to explore the app's features. Familiarize yourself with the layout and find the tools that will be most useful to you.

    Managing Your Internet Service

    The My Viasat app is a powerful tool for managing your satellite internet service. Here are some common tasks you can easily handle with the app:

    Monitoring Data Usage

    Worried about exceeding your data cap? The app allows you to track your data usage in real-time. Set up alerts to notify you when you're approaching your limit.

    Bill Payment

    Gone are the days of writing checks and sending them through the mail. Pay your bills securely through the app, and even set up automatic payments to ensure you're never late.

    Service Plan Updates

    Your needs may change over time. If you need to adjust your service plan, the app provides a convenient way to explore available plans and make changes accordingly.


    Encountering technical issues with your internet service? The app provides troubleshooting guides to help you resolve common problems. If you can't fix the issue on your own, you can contact Viasat's support team through the app.

    Equipment Status

    Keep an eye on the health of your equipment. If there's an issue with your satellite dish or modem, the app will let you know.

    Troubleshooting and Support

    Viasat is committed to providing excellent customer support, and the My Viasat app is a valuable tool for accessing assistance when you need it.

    Troubleshooting Guides

    The app includes an extensive collection of troubleshooting guides to help you address common issues that may arise with your internet service. From slow connections to Wi-Fi problems, these guides provide step-by-step solutions.

    Support Chat

    Need immediate help? The app offers a support chat feature that connects you with a Viasat customer support representative. This is a fast and efficient way to get assistance with your service-related problems.

    Phone Support

    Prefer speaking with a real person? You can easily find Viasat's customer support phone number within the app, making it simple to get in touch when you need help.

    FAQs and Knowledge Base

    The app also provides access to a knowledge base with frequently asked questions (FAQs). This resource can be particularly helpful for finding answers to common inquiries and learning more about your Viasat service.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q1: What is Viasat?

    A1: Viasat is a satellite internet service provider offering high-speed internet access to homes and businesses, especially in rural and remote areas where traditional broadband options may be limited.

    Q2: How can I check my data usage with the My Viasat app?

    A2: Open the app and navigate to the "Data Usage" section. Here, you can view your current data usage and set up alerts to notify you when you approach your data cap.

    Q3: Can I pay my bills through the app?

    A3: Yes, you can conveniently pay your Viasat bills through the app. You can make one-time payments or set up automatic payments for added convenience.

    Q4: Is the My Viasat app available on both iOS and Android?

    A4: Yes, the app is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the respective app stores.

    Q5: How do I schedule a service appointment through the app?

    A5: In the app, navigate to the "Service Appointments" section, where you can choose a date and time for a technician to visit your location for maintenance or installation.

    Q6: What should I do if I experience slow internet or connectivity issues?

    A6: The app provides troubleshooting guides to help you diagnose and resolve common issues. If you need further assistance, you can use the support chat or call Viasat's customer support.

    Q7: How can I change my service plan through the app?

    A7: In the app, go to the "Service Plan" section, where you can explore available plans and make changes as needed.


    The My Viasat mobile app is a game-changer for Viasat customers, providing a convenient and user-friendly way to manage their satellite internet and related services. From monitoring data usage to troubleshooting connectivity issues, this app puts the power in your hands. By downloading the My Viasat app, you can streamline your Viasat experience, saving time and reducing the stress of managing your internet service.

    If you're already a Viasat customer, make sure to download the app today and take full advantage of its features. If you're considering Viasat as your internet service provider, the app's capabilities are an added bonus that can make your decision even more appealing.

    In a world where convenience is key, the My Viasat app is your gateway to a more effortless and enjoyable satellite internet experience. So, why wait? Get started with the app today and experience the future of service management in the palm of your hand.

    Ready to take control of your Viasat services? Dial (844) 778-1116 now and discover the convenience of managing your services with the My Viasat mobile app. Experience seamless control at your fingertips


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