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DISH Satellite TV in Montana

Montana has a wide selection of options for TV services, but one of the most-used ones is DISH Satellite TV. Montana has a large area of approximately 147,739 square miles and most of the state’s areas have a low population density, which means that many districts are still not covered with cable TV signals. This makes satellite TV a practical option. The increasing availability of satellite technology makes satellite TV a feasible solution. DISH states that it has built its satellite service to cover more than ninety nine percent of Montana households. The above shown Dish TV offers different programming packages depending on the needs of the people and the prices that they are willing to pay. These include The Essential package which offers over 120 channels at $64.99 per month, The Select TV package which offers over 220 channels at $89.99 per month, The Latino package which offers over 170 channels at $94.99 per month and the Ultimate package which offers over 330 channels at $149.99 per month. Montana local channels can be accessed from such stations based in the following cities: Missoula, Billings and Great Falls among others. They also enjoy thousands of On Demand titles as part of the services provided by DISH.

DISH Satellite TV Packages

Package Price Channels Call to Order
Flex Pack $62.99/mo. 50+ (877) 471-4808
America’s Top 120 $84.99/mo. 190 (877) 471-4808
America’s Top 120+ $99.99/mo. 190+ (877) 471-4808
America’s Top 200 $104.99/mo. 240+ (877) 471-4808
America’s Top 250 $114.99/mo. 290+ (877) 471-4808
America’s Everything Pack $142.99/mo. 240+ (877) 471-4808

DISH Satellite TV & High-Speed Internet in Montana

Cable TV and satellite TV services offered by DISH include satellite television services together with broadband internet to clients in Montana. DISH has a variety of television options available in high definition that include over 300 channels for every household at reasonable prices. The programming packages that are offered by DISH include ESPN, HGTV, Fox News, Montana and other famous local networks. Other main offerings of DISH include the Hopper DVR which has the ability to record up to 16 programs simultaneously and also has the ability to fast forward through commercials through the Auto Hop feature. Internet service offered by DISH offers Download Speeds of up to 25Mbps which uses satellite technology. It also enables DISH to access the rural parts of Montana where there are no cables or fiber internet solutions. With such features, DISH internet can easily penetrate any terrain and location, providing internet connection that is fast and reliable in the state. As seen, subscribing to both the DISH TV and the internet incurs less cost than subscribing to the services individually. Regardless of which corner of the world you are in be it a small town or on a remote ranch, DISH offers you the modern lifestyle and connection.

DISH installation in Montana

The introduction of DISH in Montana, particularly the rural areas can be quite a challenge because it is a very large state and there are few people per square mile. Field technicians have spacious territories to traverse before they can complete one assignment. Fortunately, DISH offers satellite TV so there is no need to have wires to have cable lines. The installation process begins by fixing the satellite dish on the roof or the wall of your house with the required equipment. The technician will then check to make sure that it faces the southern sky and adjust it if it needs to be aligned for the best reception. Coaxial cables will be used to link the dish to the receivers inside it. When properly aimed, you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows with picture and sound quality, even if you are in a rural area in Montana.

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