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EPIX Channel on DISH

Watch action, comedy, drama, movies and more
Enjoy entertainment from EPIX for $7/month.

Epix is a movie package available for streaming on DISH Network. Epix brings the best of today's blockbusters and hit movies to your television. Enjoy unlimited access to the huge Epix library of classic films, cult favorites, international hits, and stories both current and timeless. Epix offers high-definition viewing so you can clearly experience the highest quality images and sounds that Epix has to offer. With thousands of titles updated regularly, Epix is sure to have something for everyone looking for an entertaining night in!

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What Channel is Epix on Dish?

Epix on DISH Network makes it easier than ever to watch all of your favorite shows and movies. This premium channel offers a range of exciting content for streaming and is usually part of the base package, making it more affordable than other providers. Epix is available on Channel 375 for customers with Dish’s America’s Top 120 Plus package or higher, making it incredibly easy to binge classic movies, documentaries, and original Epix titles without having to worry about extra costs or subscriptions. With Epix on DISH Network, you can get instant access to hours of entertainment with just a few clicks of the remote.

Channel Name Channel Number
Epix HD 380

Epix Movie Channels on Dish


Channel 380



Channel 381



Channel 382


EPIX Drive-In HD

Channel 292

EPIX Drive-In

Enjoy 30+ premium movie channels free for 3 months! *

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Watch EPIX Original Series

EPIX is a great way to watch popular TV shows and movies that you can't find anywhere else. With the EPIX Movie Pack on DISH, you can enjoy all of the great exclusive content that EPIX has to offer. Whether you're a fan of comedies, horror films, action movies, or documentaries, EPIX has something for everyone. So be sure to check out the great selection of entertainment that EPIX has to offer today!

EPIX Drive-In

Drive-in movie theaters were once a popular staple in American culture and EPIX Drive-In seeks to bring them back with classic movies available on DISH channel 292. The whole family can enjoy comedies, dramas, Westerns, and thrillers from the comfort of their own car. With classics like Footloose, Boomerang, Eight Men Out, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure playing all day long, there’s something for everyone! So dust off your car speakers and head over to EPIX Drive-In today!

Take EPIX with You

You can take EPIX with you on the go with the EPIX app! When you sign in with your DISH username and password, you have access to all of your EPIX channels plus exclusive On Demand titles. The app comes with collections created by EPIX staff and movie buffs to help you find your new favorite film. Your EPIX channels are also available on DISH Anywhere. So whether you're at home or on the go, you can always enjoy your favorite movies and shows from EPIX.

Hollywood Hits and Original Series on EPIX

EPIX is a great value for DISH customers who want to watch the latest Hollywood hits, newest comedy specials, and award-winning original series. The 4 premium movie channels from EPIX are available on DISH for just $7 per month! When you add EPIX to your DISH package, you’ll also get access to even more movies On Demand. Take them on the go with DISH Anywhere and the EPIX app for movies wherever you want them. Subscribe today and enjoy all that EPIX has to offer!

Top shows to watch on Epix

Top Gun: Maverick

More than three decades after the release of the original film, fans will finally get to see what Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) has been up to. While the fighter pilot characters in Top Gun: Maverick is sure to delight audiences, it is the real-life stories of courageous Navy aviators that provide the most inspiration. These dedicated men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedom and way of life. So when you see Top Gun: Maverick, remember the brave service members who make movies like this possible.

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Rogue Heroes

The stories of how the world’s greatest Special Forces unit, the SAS, was formed are always interesting. under extraordinary circumstances in the darkest days of World War II. In Rogue Heroes, we follow David Stirling, an eccentric young officer, who is hospitalized after a training exercise gone wrong. Convinced that traditional commando units don’t work, Stirling creates a radical plan that flies in the face of all accepted rules of modern warfare. He fights for permission to recruit the toughest, boldest, and brightest soldiers for a small undercover unit that will create mayhem behind enemy lines. More rebels than soldiers, Stirlings team is every bit as complicated flawed, and reckless as it is brave and heroic."

Godfather of Harlem

Season Three finds Bumpy Johnson continuing to battle for control of Harlem with other aspirants to the throne, namely the Cuban Mafia from neighboring Spanish Harlem. Taking on the Cuban mob will put Bumpy, his loved ones, and his community in the crosshairs of not only the rival Italians, but ruthless Latin assassins and, ultimately, the CIA. 'Godfather of Harlem' is a collision of the criminal underworld and the civil rights movement during one of the most tumultuous times in American history.

Billy the Kid

The Billy the Kid series is a great read for anyone who loves a good romantic adventure. Based on the life of famous American outlaw Billy the Kid, also known as William H. Bonney, this series tells the story of his humble Irish roots, early days as a cowboy and gunslinger in the American frontier, and pivotal role in the Lincoln County War and beyond. If you're looking for a gripping tale of romance and intrigue, pick up the Billy the Kid series today!


Britannia is an epic and visionary drama that follows the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD. Kerra, daughter of the King of the Cantii, is forced to put her differences aside with arch-rival Queen Antedia to face their invaders. The Romans, led by General Aulus Plautius, are determined to succeed where Julius Caesar failed – and conquer this mythical land at the far edge of the Roman Empire. Britannia is a strong and resilient leader but harbors a deep secret that threatens his mission. As tribes and Druids unite to fight the Romans, Kerra is thrust into the most important role of her life as she spearheads the resistance against the might of the Roman army.

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